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A beautiful journey...

My name is Ursula Manes, and design and furniture architecture have always been the perspective from which I look at beauty, through a concept of aesthetics in which harmony, search for functionality, and passion for details converge.

Space is a powerful generator of ideas and emotions, and I try to fill it through my love for painting and floral art. After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts, I began my professional journey in search of a dimension capable of communicating my vision of beauty to my clients.

A journey that has continued ever since and is still beautiful

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What we do

Designers, furniture consultants, innovative designers, and interior and exterior florist designers.

Our services list for the public and private sectors.

Interior Design

Dealing with the design and development of interior spaces while optimizing their use.

The work stems from the desire to fulfill a wide variety of requests from the client while respecting his or her personality and bringing out hidden desires.

–  Design
–  Rendering
–  Consulting

Exterior Design

In designing exteriors, furniture solutions and structures are designed to enhance spaces uniquely and exclusively.

–  Green areas design
–  Outdoor areas furnishing

Design for hospitality, retail, office sectors

Give identity and a unique and distinctive character through knowledge of guests, their needs, and desires.

Connecting with the area in which the facility is located, designing spaces, lights, sounds, and smells that let a varied world of sensations surface and enhance a deeper and more emotional stay experience.

–  Hospitality
 Hotel design
 Green Office design
–  Design of spaces and furnishings dedicated to sales and flagship stores

Art & Nature

Designing the spaces, identifying the most appropriate furnishings for the location, but above all, making the environments unique considering that works of art ( pictorial, sculptural, or art installations) enhance the identity of the owner.

As important is the green aspect of the environment, plant creations, designed and conceived for the decor that is being developed. Compositions that are truly unique works of art, which can, in some specific contexts, accompany STONE BALANCE artworks.

Art installations
–  Stabilized walls
–  Artificial green walls
–  Florist design
–  Balance stone

// Completed projects

Latest Works

Florist design

Different plant compositions are used to build sculptures that create a unique atmosphere. The choices of materials and color palettes help to create sophisticated settings and give added value to the furnishings.

Stone balance

Creating a balance between stones and elements of different natures, a mental discipline that increases sensitivity and perception of the energy exchange between the subject and the stone to be placed in the balance.

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